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Town symbol

The coat of arms of Orhei has been approved by the Town Council with the following description: „A silver contoured horse on the red background, running between the two eight-pointed stars, one of gold and other one of silver, above a teethed wall, golden, above a shield top. The shield topped with a mural silver crown with five towers supported by two natural oaks. The motto on a blue scarf written with golden letters: „LIBERTAS ET PERENNITAS” (Liberty and continuity).”

Each heraldic element has an explanation:
The silver-contoured horse denotes the will for freedom, grandeur, spiritual exploration.
The stars are taken from a medieval seal – they symbolize the continuity of urban location on the original place of Old Orhei.
The golden wall on the edge of shield symbolizes the medieval fortress of Orhei, expressing the ideas of continuity, eternity, dedication.
The red background of the shield denotes the main function of medieval Orhei – the military one. This color also is a sign of courage, decisiveness, love and sacrifice.
The oaks supporting the shield are a symbol of physical and moral power, resistance, dedication and eternity, they relate also the location of town in the Codru zone of Moldova.

The flag of Orhei has been elaborated based on the elements of background and figures of the town’s coat of arms. It represents a rectangular flag sized (1 x 1.5) divided into strips - white, red, yellow- in proportion of 1:2:1 and in the red field, at the margin, two eight-pointed stars, one under the other, the first of gold and the other one of silver.

First page  »  DISCOVER ORHEI  »  The symbols of the city

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