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The town’s economy is represented by three important sectors: industry, transportation and other public services (telecommunications, electricity and thermal energy, water supply and sanitation, solid waste management, etc.).

Industry is the main branch of the town’s economy. The town has several large companies: „Orhei-Vit” S.A., Joint Venture "Chateau Vartely" S.R.L., „Fabrica de paine”, „Orhei-Vin” S.A., the group of companies from the „Codru” holding. These companies manufacture foodstuffs, juices, canned food, dairy products, bakery products, tobacco, alcohol and soft drinks, household items, haberdashery, footwear. The construction industry is currently reviving.

The commerce and service sector is an important branch of local economy. The volume of communication services, marketing, medical and education services has increased substantially. At the same time diminished the volume of paid social services: transportation of passengers, cultural, legal, banking, tourist and excursion services.

The economy of Orhei in the year 2012 was represented by 609 companies, of them 1/4 were private individuals registered as entrepreneurs and 75% were corporate entities. Limited liability companies are the most widely spread forms of legal-organizational forms of activity (63,2%) followed by individual enterprises taking 24% of the total number of companies. Generally the number of companies in the locality registered a positive trend, having grown in the year 2012 by around 15,1% compared to the year 2009. The diversification of economy and business financing possibilities allowed to accelerate the activity of production partnerships, municipal enterprises and limited liability companies.

First page  »  DISCOVER ORHEI  »  Economy

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